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Whether you’re running your own business or managing a team, it’s easy to fall victim to decision fatigue. It never happens that the Leader or the Company owner never makes mistakes, but they also know how to correct the mistakes. The better learner from a mistake and better improver is always the Leader. It is not reality that Leaders do not face stresses, they equally face the stress, they have the equal or sometimes the bigger tension, but it’s only the planning about their life and work that let them retain as a Leader.

Sometimes it happens that they take a decision into a very short span of time and the taken decision points throughout the day that at some point the quality of the decisions being made begins to deteriorate rapidly. There is a very common but false belief held by many in the entrepreneurial community that strength of will is the key to avoid the impact of decision fatigue. Strong leaders, it is believed, can simply muscle through fatigue and continue making good decisions. I would argue that this belief couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I, though a new entrepreneur, struggled many a time with decision fatigue at many points throughout my business life, but its impact on my life has been felt more acutely as of late. Owing a company is one thing and Leading a company is totally a different thing. I not only owe my company but I lead it. Leading, in real sense is, in hyper-growth mode, raising capital, and balancing the demands, as well as balancing the situations, the pros and cons and all others.

Being at one place and handling the other is an Art, and those who adept at this, have the reins of life in their hand.

Rather than descend into a stress spiral or pretend that I can simply muscle through things, I decided to look deeper into the problem and find a solution, whether I meant it or not. That solution, it turns out, is a concept known as essentialism.

Seeing a problem, I always tried to vision it in one way only, the problem is temporary, and it would be solved out, this way or that way. The problem, if very major one, can be the reason of changing the way to do, but not “ what” to do, because “what” was already decided in the beginning, later if the problem comes, it is, whether predicted or unpredicted, only a traffic jam, nothing else. It doesn’t mean that the journey should be stopped.