Expanding Globally.......................

Posted on 06  March, 2016 at 12:45

Many of us think that life is thing to enjoy and live it fully, they have lots of friends, whom they spend time with, and after that, when they are not around, they spend lots of time in sending messages, quotations of world famous personalities and so on.

I don’t mean that these things are wrong or should not be done, rather I mean to say that maximum of these never ever think that the life they are living may be supposed to do something also, without destination their life goes and goes on an unplanned path and one day, it gets over. Sometimes the journey is good with a good end and sometimes, even it is not.

Our life impacts not all but so many around us, sometimes younger and sometimes, even elders also. Our actions are our message to the world of who we are inside. We should choose what we do wisely, as it is our steps only which decides our lives, it is neither the destiny, nor the world . We shouldn't be living like the world, and neither we should plan our steps only to make or show us different. Others should see a difference in us, but this would be visible only when our steps are different and take us to a different path. They should see through our actions a holy, pure and committed life to us, because if one is being holy and pure for himself, that simply means only one thing that he is true for the humanity and the world also, and clearly then to God also.


We should use the circumstances in our life right now to strengthen our faith and not let it blow it out. Our attitude through all our situations should be a light to others.