Expanding Globally.......................

Though the circumstances when I had paved for my first organization, were not so favourable. But when thought was so strong and was to be taken to higher than the sky, there was no circumstance which could finally stop.


Someone has very rightly said that “Life is not about waiting the storms to pass but it’s about learning to dance in the rain..............”


Apart from the struggle of daily surviving, I, in the year 2010, with a clear and futuristic vision started my very first organization by the name  Mairaa Pvt. Ltd. in the Real Estate sector.


Entrepreneurship is something which is not learned in family since childhood or read in books. It comes in mind, flows in blood and comes from the soul and thus a person, not born as an entrepreneur, makes himself or herself an entrepreneur.


Today, businesses are customer focused and professionally managed and that is the key to success. Businesses have access to venture and growth capital, provided that their stories and business models are reasonable

Any business, weather big or small, would now grow because they had knowledge, , not because of whom they knew.


I believe that even an auto parts repairing shop can be converted into automobile factory if the planning has been made with the right vision, keeping the market and customers into near focus.


One example is N.R. Narayana Murthy, who co-founded Infosys Ltd. in 1981, with an initial capital of INR 10,000 (CDN$ 250.00). At Infosys, he and his team designed the Global Delivery Model, which also laid the foundation for the knowledge industry. Narayan Murthy’s vision gave a fillip to the IT services industry, creating and encouraging the entry of several new IT businesses.