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Addiva Group is about to bring the entertainments and knowledge into its published form before you. It has launched its publication house where you will have lots of thigs to read and know about different sectors like Films, Media, Entertainments, etc.

Addiva will have official handbook on everything about Indian Cinema for the diehard fan, which, in India is almost everyone for one or other. Addiva presents a magazine that film stars think of first and trust most when they want to open up to their fans. With its exclusive interviews, classy photo-shoots, insider stories, sneak peeks, fashion coverage, movie reviews and special features, Addiva captures the biggest stars and diva of Indian cinema at their most colourful & candid best. 

Also Addiva has other sectors also to present before its huge readers in the sectors of Automobiles, sports, etc further.  

Addiva’s magazines will be monthly and fortnightly and will be developed with the time ahead.

Also, we welcome quality manuscripts and invite authors to publish with us. In case you have a manuscript or are planning to develop one, please provide us with the details, so that we can study your proposal.

The means of education have changed over the years; the end has remained the same -Empowered minds, which can evolve, sustain, empower and fulfill the ever changing needs of society.

Addiva is driven by the vision of being “a knowledge corporation merged with entertainment” and move forward in the publishing domain both print & digital.

Group aims at nurturing people at all levels and interests by facilitating their growth and needs as it thoroughly believes that people are the greatest strength to any organisation.

It also aims at being transparent in its vision, objectives, working and looks forward to honesty, integrity and commitment. Expects and trains its people to take ownership of responsibilities entrusted. This applies to professional commitments, promoting the culture of the organisation and achieving organizational go