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Addiva Films  is an Indian Motion Picture Production Company established in 2016. Its Founders and Managing Directors are Kahkkashaan Firoz and Naghma A Qaiyum 

As a dedicated film production company in India, Addiva Films leverages its presence in Delhi and North India.  At the same time, it has developed extensive capabilities for tapping talent and creative resources in other cities like Mumbai (Bollywood). Addiva Films with its presence in the capital city enables it to act as a high-quality film production hub for large swathes of North India which would explain why so many prestigious clients have entrusted their film production projects to Addiva Films.

As a film production company in India, Addiva Films has planned to develop, as a result of spending long time in Bollywood, it has an in-depth understanding of the subtle nuances of Indian audiences. It can accurately map its creative approaches and productions on to various clearly defined target audience segments. It has planned to create films that would work in the context of the desired response to be evoked, the core message to be delivered and the levels of engagement to be achieved.

Addiva Films has planned to bring some creative type of works before the audience which would not only entertain the audience but would also bring the work with some social messages.

Addiva Films has a clear vision that it wants to be recognized through its work in the world.

Addiva Films, with its unique idea of subjects, is one of the most creative, flexible, innovative, diverse and global entertainment companies in business today and one that knows how to seize opportunities—particularly for growth through new and emerging technologies while maintaining a leadership position in each area of its established businesses.

AEPL brings together all types of  industry-leading technologists and disciplines to ensure global alignment with business strategy and accelerated delivery of innovative technology solutions Studio- and industry-wide.

From pre-production to archiving, AEPL  vast portfolio provides foundational and future-focused services that help Warner Bros. to:

  • Develop and leverage the technologies and systems needed to run the company, and produce content across all current and emerging media platforms
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  • Provide information security and data privacy for AEPL business units and employees
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  • Engage consumers and partners with user friendly, intuitive apps and web destinations
  • Drive change at AEPL and in the industry through the development and implementation of new standards and technologies