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What is N K ?

N K is actually an acronym which stands for Nest of Kahkkashaan, symbolically the N K Group indicates the works and attainments of Kahkkashaan Firoz. This is the official website of Kahkkashaan Firoz to provide all the information of all the business entities along with all her writing works and articles. 

She is not only a world known business personality but also a famous writer, orator and a philanthropist.

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Kahkkashaan Firoz is counted among one of the famous young Entrepreneurs and Businessman of the present time. This is her passion and love towards business and entrepreneurship that she, after beginning the journey of entrepreneurship in 2010 with a very small size firm, in the last few years, has become a famous business figure across the nation and globe.

She is very much interested in innovation and technology and believes in self making. This is only her thought and attitude towards the goal and success that she has established one after another five different companies, all actively operational into varied sectors and crossing the national boundaries.......Read More